Boho Beauty: Embrace Your Style with Loose Braids

Channel your inner gypsy soul with loose braids and undone texture. From beachy waves to radically free goddess locs, these styles radiate effortless cool. Embrace the imperfections and rock braids that beckon you to let your fringe flag fly!

Key Takeaways

  • Loose wave braiding hair adds extra volume and movement to styles.
  • Keep braids fresh by loosening them up every few days with spray, oil or your fingers.
  • Change your look by embracing lose ends or easing up tight roots on box braids and other styles.
  • Loose, free-flowing texture gives hair the windswept vibes perfect for boho babes.
  • Scrunch braids with product to bring out curl and enhance the undone aesthetic.

Braids are beauty liberation! By understanding how to loosen tight braids and enhance texture, you can achieve salon-quality looks without the hassle or expense.

How to Get the Loose Braid Look?

Nothing conveys effortless nonchalance like loose braids and waves. But achieving perfectly imperfect tresses takes some styling skills. Here are tips for nailing the look:

Start with the right hair type – For straight hair, use loose deep wave or loose curly braiding hair to create tousled texture. Curly girls can embrace their natural texture.

Secure braids a bit loosely – Don’t pull hair too tightly when plaiting initially. This prevents super stiff styles.

Loosen braids gently – Never rip hair out! Carefully ease tension on roots by massaging the scalp.

Use sea salt spray – Mist braids to instantly boost volume and waves, especially on straight styles. Scrunch braids up as you spray.

Apply curl cream or mousse – Define spiral texture and prevent frizz by smoothing these products onto the length of hair.

These simple tricks make it easy to style beautiful, touchable texture perfect for any bohemian babe!

Embrace the Messy Bun

Top knots, buns and piles of loose braids are effortless updos that compliment free-spirited style.

Curly Loose Buns – Pull hair atop your crown and gently twist into a loose spiraled bun, leaving curly tendrils to frame the face.

Wavy Braided Bun – Loosely braid hair from ear to ear along the upper ridge of hair, creating a braided headband. Fan the rest of the wavy hair into a messy pile atop your head and pin. Face-framing pieces complete the relaxed look.

Boho Braid Pile Up – Create 2-4 loose Dutch braids of varying sizes along the hairline and crown. Gather the remaining hair into a loose ponytail atop the head, then carefully twist and wrap into a messy nested bun, pinning braids in place.

Caring for Loose Braids

To keep loose braids beautiful between styling sessions, be gentle! Here are some key tips:

  • At night, loosely pile hair into a loose pineapple with a scrunchie or wrap with a soft silk scarf. Avoid tight ponytails or buns to prevent tension.
  • Use a wide tooth comb only when hair is wet and slippery with conditioner. Never comb dry to prevent breakage.
  • Moisturize braids daily by misting water and applying oil or leave-in conditioner to seal moisture.
  • Shampoo only 1-2 times per week. Co-wash more frequently with a cleansing conditioner to prevent dryness.
  • Deep condition once a week with a hair mask. Applying heat helps the treatment penetrate.

By keeping your loose braids nourished, you’ll maintain soft, touchable texture that embraces the perfectly undone look.

Inspiring Boho Braid Styles

Need a little hair inspo? These gorgeous loose braid styles promote free-spirited glamour.

Wavy Half Up Styles – Parted deeply off-center, wavy braids are gathered loosely on one side of the head while the rest cascades freely. Sexy yet uncontrived.

Beachy Box Braids – Wispy flyaways surrounding the face create the illusion of straight-off-the beach texture. Scrunch large knotless braids with sea salt spray for extra oomph.

Unicorn Rainbow Braids – Blue, purple, silver and pastel braids in an informal mix of patterns and textures create whimsical style magic. Show off your colorful personality!

Boho Goddess Locs – Super long, ultra skinny freeform locs allow you to channel goddess energy. Gather hair atop your head to expose dangly ear candy jewelry.

However you style them, loose braids align with bohemian beauty – natural, organic and wonderfully wild!