Stunning Peekaboo Braids to Your Hairstyle

Peekaboo braids are the latest hairstyle craze taking over social media. These fun, playful braids allow you to add a pop of unexpected color or texture that peeks out from underneath standard braids. Peekaboo braids Blonde refer to any braided hairstyles where a section of the hair, often colored or textured differently, is left loose underneath, so it peeks out in an eye-catching way. This style offers tons of versatility depending on your hair length or texture. The number of braids can vary, and you can customize them with beads, color, or the peekaboo portion itself. Read on to find out everything you need to know about peekaboo braids!

Key Takeaways

Peekaboo braids pink offer beauty lovers everywhere an outlet for creativity and self-expression while protecting their natural hair as it grows out beautifully underneath. Take your hairstyle game up a notch with this must-try trend that adds plenty of style and dimension perfect for any occasion!

What Are Peekaboo Braids?

Peekaboo braids are a playful take on classic braided hairstyles like box braids, knotless braids, or goddess braids. They feature a surprise peek of hair, usually a different color or texture, that peeks out underneath the main braid to create fun dimension and visual interest. Peekaboo braids are usually achieved by leaving a section of your natural hair loose underneath synthetic hair braids. When styled right, they offer tons of length and volume while allowing you to add pops of color for a trendy look.

What is the Appeal of Peekaboo Knotless Braids?

Peekaboo braids brown are a great way to protect your natural hair underneath while experimenting with colors, textures, and styles on top. The versatility they offer is unmatched! You can customize them based on your hair length, preferred style and color scheme. They work for all hair lengths and textures too. Whether you have long, short, straight, curly, thick or fine hair – peekaboo braids can enhance your hairstyle game!

The peekaboo effect essentially allows you to have a bold hair makeover without fully committing. You still get to enjoy long, voluminous goddess braids while subtly showing off your natural hair color underneath. It’s the best of both worlds!

How Long Do Peekaboo Braids Last?

When installed correctly on natural hair, blue peekaboo braids generally last 6-8 weeks. However, the lifespan can vary based on several factors. Here’s what impacts how long peekaboo braids stay styled:

Be sure to [wash your hair] and moisturize the peekaboo section inbetween, while avoiding getting the added braided hair wet. Tying down edges nightly helps pink peekaboo braids last longer as well.

How to Stylish Peekaboo Braids?

Once your green peekaboo braids are freshly installed, the fun begins! There are endless styling options depending on the colors and textures you chose. Play with parting your braids in creative ways to highlight the peekaboos. For goddess braids, sweeping them over one shoulder creates dimensions. With standard box braids, a center or side part opens them up for peekaboo moments. When you have multiple colors like blue, blonde, pink or rainbow peekaboos mixed in, change up your part to show each one off.

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Get creative with accessories like cuffs, beads and hair jewels to adorn your black braids. Place them strategically to draw more attention to your peekaboo sections for the ultimate statement. The colors and textures of your actual peekaboo hairstyle underneath also impact styling versatility. Adding a brightly colored peekaboo allows you to create fun ‘dos. But don’t over-accessories or it will hide your peekaboo color instead of complementing it!

How to Create Peekaboo Braids at Home?

Want to DIY your stylish peekaboo braids at home? It’s totally doable! Start by sectioning your hair into three parts, then begin braiding the top and bottom sections normally using synthetic hair to enhance length and volume. For the middle section, where your peekaboo will be, alternate between braiding your natural hair and the added hair extensions. Make sure the braids in the middle section aren’t too tight on your natural hair. Once the braids are complete, carefully pull out pieces of your real hair to create the peekaboo effect.

Customize your at-home blue peekaboo braids by using colored synthetic hair so the braids themselves have hints of blue, blonde or other bold hues. Or, add metallic beads, hair jewels or cuffs to amp up your style. However you choose to design your own peekaboo braids blue, just avoid pulling your natural hair too tightly and protect the ends for best results. Have fun and express your personal flair!

What Are Some Peekaboo Braid Styling Ideas?

The style options for knotless braids with peekaboo color are truly endless. Customize them to match your personal taste and flair!

What Are The Benefits of Peekaboo Braids?

Peekaboo braids are a great protective style that allow you to add stylistic flair. Leaving out a section of natural hair adds visual interest while the braids protect the length of your hair as it grows out. These braids also don’t require hair extensions so they put less tension on your natural hair. Further benefits include:

Peekaboo braids are fun and versatile for many different hair types and lengths. Keep reading to learn how to create this trendy braided look!

Do Peekaboo Braids Damage Hair?

Like any braided style, boho peekaboo braids do put tension on the hair which could potentially lead to some breakage around the edges if they are installed too tightly. To avoid damage when getting peekaboo knotless braids, make sure your stylist avoids pulling too tight around your edges and doesn’t braid down to your scalp.

Properly moisturizing and caring for your natural hair beneath the braids is also key. Use a spray leave-in conditioner and oil to hydrate the hair and scalp under your peekaboos a few times per week. Sleep on a silk pillowcase, gently pat dry your braids after washing, and avoid too much tension when styling. Don’t leave  peekaboo braids with beads in longer than 8 weeks max to prevent matting and excessive pulling on your edges. If installed correctly, hair with peekaboo braids with curly ends shouldn’t cause damage and are very hair-friendly!

How Much Do Rainbow Peekaboo Braids Cost?

The cost of peekaboo braids at a salon varies widely depending on your location, the size and number of braids and the styling intricacy. Simple goddess or box braids with peekaboos generally range from $100-300. More elaborate styles with beads, multiple colors or very long lengths can cost upwards of $500+ from an experienced braider. Always clarify exactly what is included before booking your peek a boo braids so there are no surprises. Most stylists charge by the hour for installations. Maintenance appointments generally cost $50-100+ depending how much work is needed to revive the style.

How to Care for Peekaboo Braids?

Caring properly for peekaboo hair braids keeps the style fresher longer. Avoid issues like buildup and matting by gently cleansing and moisturizing the hair underneath the braids a few times a week. Tips include:

Additionally, give your [hair a break] between installs when removing peek-a-boo braids. Avoid rebraiding too soon in the same pattern to prevent traction damage over time. Let hair rest before styling again.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many peekaboo braids should I get?

This depends on your hair length and thickness. Most people do 30-70 braids total, with 3-5 braids left out to create peekaboo stripes throughout.

Should I leave out my natural hair or extensions for the peekaboo sections?

Either works beautifully! Show off your natural curls for peekaboo sections or go for a bold wig/extension color that contrasts the braided hair.

How do I maintain my scalp health with peekaboo braids?

Make sure to gently shampoo your scalp 1-2x a week, pat dry, apply drops of tea tree/peppermint oil to scalp for itch relief, then lightly spritz braids with leave-in conditioner. Don’t scratch or tug at your scalp.

What if I don’t want colored peekaboo hair long-term?

No problem! The colors used are usually temporary and will fade out over 6-8 weeks. You can also simply get the braids removed once you’re over the peekaboo look.

Can I wear peekaboo braids even if I have thin hair?

Yes, peekaboo braids work beautifully with all hair densities. Just be sure not to create braids that are too large for your hair thickness or they could start to slip loose.