Skunk Stripe Braids: Daring and Eye-Catching

Skunk stripe braids have burst onto the hair scene as a fierce new trend that makes a dramatic statement. Centered around bleaching a strip of hair to create a light “skunk stripe” that pops against darker braided hair, this look is fun, playful, and seriously stylish.

Key Takeaways

  • Skunk stripe braids feature a bleached strip of hair against darker braids for high-impact contrast
  • Works with virtually any braided style from box braids to goddess locs
  • Vibrant pink, green, red or blonde stripes pop dramatically off black braids
  • Strategic placement when braiding ensures stripe stands out
  • Fun way to experiment with hair color without full commitment
  • Eye-catching style shows off your bold, creative fashion sense

How the Hot Style Got Started?

The origins of skunk stripe hair trace back decades to punk rock culture, when dyed locks became a form of edgy self-expression. More recently, stars like Rihanna, Zoe Kravitz, and Cardi B have brought back bold stripes in their hair, prompting style mavens everywhere to put their own spin on the rebellious look.

Skunk stripes lend themselves perfectly to protective braided styles. By only bleaching small sections rather than all hair, women can achieve a stand-out look without excessive damage. As braids continue to saturate black hair culture, imaginative colors and patterns breathe new life into classic looks.

Flaunt Your Fierce Side with Vibrant Skunk Stripe Braids

Part of what makes skunk stripes so eye-catching is the stark contrast they create. Typically done in blonde against dark hair, the pale stripe slices dramatically through black braided locks. However, rainbow bright hues also make a major impact. Some of the hottest skunk stripe shades include:

  • Pink skunk stripe braids – vibrant fuchsia embedded in black braids
  • Green skunk stripe braids – electric lime stripe against dark braided hair
  • Red skunk stripe braids – cherry red strip glowing boldly from black locks

While bleach blonde tends to better mimic a real skunk’s fur pattern, any vivid color that pops against darker braids can qualify as a sassy skunk stripe look.

Which Braided Style Looks Best with a Skunk Stripe?

Skunk stripes pair perfectly with numerous popular braiding techniques. Some top options include:

Box Braids with Skunk Stripe

  • Part hair into a section for bleaching down the center
  • Create defined parts for box braiding on either side
  • Weave in bold skunk stripe through box braids

Knotless Braids with Skunk Stripe

  • Leave hair loose where stripe will be placed
  • Complete knotless braids first on both sides
  • Then bleach stripe section & braid into pattern

Goddess Braids with Skunk Stripe

  • Start goddess braids at front leaving strip unfinished
  • Bleach stripe section once front braids are done
  • Then continue goddess braids towards back on both sides

No matter which braiding style you choose, strategically placing your vivid skunk stripe within the pattern makes it stand out even more.

Braid TypeWorks Well with Skunk Stripe
Box BraidsYes
Knotless BraidsYes
Goddess BraidsYes
Passion TwistsYes
Faux LocsYes
Tree BraidsYes
Feed-In BraidsYes

Tips for Getting the Look

Installing stripe braids requires precision. Here are some top tips:

  • Protect hair well with a conditioning cap before applying bleach
  • Carefully section out stripe area before starting braids
  • Use foils on either side of stripe when bleaching to avoid overlaps
  • Rinse out bleach thoroughly, condition and air dry strip
  • Braid tightly on both sides to keep stripe defined & crisp
  • Consider adding hair beads or cuffs to make stripe pop even more

Take your time with placement so the dramatic stripe makes a bold diagonal slash through your locks.

Show Off Your Wild Side

For fashion divas looking to up their style game, skunk stripe offer an exciting new way to display some fearless edge. Far more adventurous than a standard dye job, the graphic contrast makes an unforgettable impression.

Embrace the daring new craze with vivid skunk stripes braided into your lush locks. Striking and imaginative, you’ll turn heads everywhere you go with this wildly creative look!