Gypsy Braids: Guide to the Free-Spirited Style

Gypsy braids, also known as Romani braids, offer a cool bohemian style that is both laidback and chic. As a protective hairstyle, these braids allow you to achieve a low-maintenance look that lasts for weeks. With endless styling possibilities, this braid trend empowers you to embrace your natural tresses while making a fashion statement.

Key Takeaways

What Are Gypsy Braids?

Gypsy braids refer to a type of box braid styling where the hair is sectioned neatly and plaited into cornrows first before being braided into loose, free-flowing braids. Unlike conventional tight braids, these braids have a more relaxed and effortless look.

The braiding technique has its roots in Romani culture, hence the name Romani braids. The Romani people, also referred to as Gypsies, were nomads originating from northern India who immigrated to Europe centuries ago. Romani women often wore their hair in intricate, bohemian-style braids.

Gypsy braids allow you to protect your natural hair while achieving a stylish, laidback look. As a versatile protective style, it enables self-expression with the freedom to customize different sizes, partings, and accessories.

Key Benefits

  • Protects natural hair from manipulation
  • Reduces need for constant styling
  • Low maintenance for 4-8 weeks
  • Lots of styling versatility
  • Cool, bohemian aesthetic

Gypsy Braids Styles and Inspiration

Gypsy braids are having a major moment right now as a bohemian alternative to conventional box braids. Here are some gorgeous modern gypsy braids styles to inspire your next look:

Goddess Bohemian Braids

  • Chunky, jumbo braids with effortless styling
  • Often incorporates accessories like shells or beads
  • Embodies a relaxed, beach goddess vibe

Knotless Gypsy Braids

  • No visible knots along the braid length
  • Achieves a seamless look from root to tip
  • Sleek and polished finish

Blonde Gypsy Braids

  • Stunning when paired with blonde hair extensions
  • Make a bold statement with platinum or golden blonde hues
  • Works well with warm complexions

Vibrant Box Braids

Gypsy box braids incorporate hair extensions from root to tip for stylish length and volume. Synthetic hair like Kanekalon or Toyokalon offers affordability and any colors under the sun. For more natural-looking texture and color, splurge on human hair. Create a vivid ombre effect by alternating hues.

Trança: Brazilian Gypsy Braids

Trança gypsy braids draw creativity from Brazil’s diversity. Tiny plaits lead into larger zigzagging braids, adorned with thrilling pops of color. Vivid embroidery floss, feathers, beads, cowrie shells, and more transform these braids into wearable art.

Half-Up Styles

Gypsy Braid Buns

  • Braided hair gathered neatly into a bun
  • Sophisticated style with edge; perfect for events
  • Finish off with flowers or jeweled accessories

How to Do Gypsy Braids?

Want to DIY the braids trend at home? Here is an overview of the basic technique:


  1. Section clean, damp hair neatly into cornrows using tail comb
  2. Take small subsections and begin braiding hair smoothly and tightly
  3. Add hair extension to end of subsection and continue braiding
  4. Braid each section loosely and allow braid ends to flow freely
  5. Dip braid ends in boiling hot water to prevent unraveling

Having a friend help with the cornrows and subsections will make the styling process easier. For your first braids, start with bigger sections to get the basic technique down.

Pro tip: Use edge control gel to smooth flyaways and maintain a polished finish.

Hair Maintenance for these Braids

Caring properly for your braids is key to maintaining the look. Here are some top care tips:

  • Gently pat braids dry with a microfiber towel after washing
  • Allow braids to thoroughly air dry to prevent mildew
  • Sleep on a satin pillowcase to minimize friction
  • Mist braids with leave-in conditioner and water daily
  • Take braids down immediately if excessive itching occurs

By following a regular hair care regimen, your braids can last 4-8 weeks. Avoid over-manipulating the braids excessively. When take-down day arrives, remove braids gently section by section to avoid breakage.

How long do gypsy braids last?

With proper care, these braids generally last 4-8 weeks before a take-down is needed. Larger, jumbo braids may last longer than smaller braids. Listen to your scalp and hair health to determine ideal take-down timing.

Final Takeaways

Free-spirited yet sophisticated, these braids offer the best of both worlds. This bohemian braid style blends elegance with relaxed vibes for a distinctly beautiful look. With myriad sizing and styling options to explore, embrace self-expression with gypsy braids as your next head-turning ‘do.

Braid TypeDescription
Goddess Bohemian BraidsChunky, jumbo braids with beach vibes
Knotless Gypsy BraidsSleek, polished look without visible knots
Blonde Gypsy BraidsStriking color paired with dark roots
Half-Up StylesBoho braids combined with loose waves
Gypsy Braid BunsBraided hair gathered neatly into bun