Butterfly Braids Hairstyling Ideas: Fly High in Fashion

Move over basic braids – it’s time to spread your hair wings and soar into stunning butterfly braids territory! From classic butterfly box braids to bohemian butterfly locs braids, these creative styles are taking hair fashion to new heights.

Let your imagination take flight as we explore the art of butterfly braiding techniques, funky styles, tips for care and more. It’s time to embrace your inner fearless, flair-filled goddess attitude!

Take Flight with Gorgeous Butterfly Braids

Known for their whimsical, intertwined looping shape resembling wings, these intricate braids are a true hair statement. There are many exciting styles to choose from:

Knotless Butterfly Braids

These have a smooth, seamless look with no visible knots at the roots using the feed-in method. The braided hair blends flawlessly with your natural tresses.

Jumbo Butterfly Braids

Chunky, rope-like braids make a seriously bold style statement. They’re perfect for making your entrance known!

Short Butterfly Braids

Cute cropped braids framing your face keep the style fresh, youthful and fun.

Butterfly Braids with Curly Ends

Adding cascading curls or coils amps up the gorgeous factor even more!

Butterfly Faux Locs

These use looping shapes to mimic freeform sisterlocs. The result is texture and volume perfect for a modern boho queen!

Key Styling Techniques

Butterfly braiding requires both technical skill and creative flair. Here are some key techniques for styling:

Sectioning – Part hair cleanly into triangular segments, then divide into square subsections to braid.

Feed-In Method – Carefully incorporate extensions using your natural hair to anchor the style.

Looping – Tie hair strands into secure double knots, creating the signature wing shape.

Size Variance – Alternate slim and fat braids for visual interest and depth.

Take the time to master clean symmetrical parts and consistent tension when braiding. This helps the intricate butterfly shapes pop!

Caring for Your Braid Wings

Flying high with sleek braids requires proper care and maintenance too!

  • Gently tie hair nightly and use a soft headwrap to preserve styling
  • Lightly mist braids with water or oil sheen daily to moisturize
  • Cowash weekly to refresh hair and scalp without harsh shampoos
  • Avoid overmanipulating braids to limit frizz over their 6-8 week lifespan

Be gentle yet thorough when taking down your butterfly hair wings at the end. This keeps both your natural tresses and edges healthy!

Superfly Butterfly Braid Inspiration

Need some hairinspo? These fun, creative styles are sure to unleash your inner bold butterfly:

Butterfly Cuff Braids

Lining the hairline with varied sized knots gives a cool stacked effect, like wearing chic cuff bracelets in your hair!

Butterfly Heart Braids

One thick, chunky inverted V-shaped braid tucked behind the ear keeps the focal point on your beautiful face.

Butterfly Crown Braids

Intricately braided halo framing the hairline and gathered crown lets you channel your inner queen or princess.

Butterfly Bob Braids

Keep it short and sassy! A curled bob cut showcases butterfly loops against the nape for a perfectly framed chin length look.

Butterfly Faux Hawk Braids

Make ’em say WOW – bump up the edginess on your pixie cut by braiding only the longer faux hawk strip atop super short sides.

Mermaid Butterfly Goddess Braids

Go for max whimsy and length with these – the braided texture on top flows into oceanlike waves down to your booty.

Let your imagination run as wild and free as a butterfly with these creative styles! The sky’s the limit when embracing 3D depth, vivid colors, textures and shapes.

Spread Joy by Sporting Vibrant Butterfly Wings

Remember being a child chasing butterflies in meadows trying to catch their powdery magic? These delightfully playful braids recapture that youthful wonder – so don’t be afraid to have fun!

Dare yourself to experiment with vivid rainbow hues like emerald, violet or tangerine. Add in bright beads, gold cuffs and ties for an explosion of tactile artistry.

Butterfly braids give us permission to be boldly, unapologetically ourselves. Like the metamorphosis from homely caterpillar to gossamer winged beauty, they let our inner fabulousness take flight for all to admire!

So watch heads turn as your vibrant hair wings flutter by. You’re sure to spread sheer joy while rocking these magical braids!

Time to Take Braid Beauty to New Heights

Why play it safe when you can soar sky high in hair fashion? Butterfly passion twist braids offer a chance to expand creative expression and transform your look from mundane to spectacular.

Mastering the distinct looping braid technique opens up an endless world of gorgeous possibilities. Whether worn long and flowing or cropped for exposed pretty faces, butterfly box braids keep stareworthy elegance always in style.

So emerge from your cocoon to reveal inner radiance with these mystical and whimsical braids. It’s your turn to fly high in mesmerizing beauty – are you ready to spread your wings?