Vacation braids: Ultimate Guide to Stunning Braided Styles

Vacation is the perfect time to try out fun new hairstyles that you might not wear day-to-day. Braids make for ideal vacation hair since they preserve beautifully without constant upkeep.

Vacation braids allow you to dive into ocean waves, lounge poolside, hike tropical trails and more without worrying about styling and protecting your hair daily.

Different braided looks suit various face shapes, hair types, trip activities and personal styles. Keep reading for the best way to prepare your hair for vacation braids, top braided styles to consider and tips to make your vacation braids last.

Key Takeaways

  • Vacation braids are a practical and stylish hairstyle choice for trips
  • Consider braided styles like box braids, knotless braids, feed-in braids based on your hair type and preferences
  • Prepare your hair properly beforehand to help vacation braids last
  • Use beads, jewels, ribbons to decorate braids for extra vacation flair
  • Protect braids at night and when in ocean or pool to maintain them

Best Braids for Vacation Activities

Certain braided styles work better for some vacation pursuits over others. Choose braided updo for vacation based on your planned activities:

ActivityRecommended Braids
Beach/OceanBox braids, knotless braids, chunky braids
Pool timeFeed-in braids, goddess braids
Adventure sportsCornrows, plaits, single braids
SightseeingDecorated braids, crown braids

Box braids and knotless braids transition seamlessly from beach waves to evening cocktails. Goddess braids keep their shape through wild water play.

Nature-loving adventurers may opt for cornrow styles or single Dutch braids. For city explorers, decorative vacation braids with beads or jewels add sightseeing flair.

Top Braided Styles for Summer Vacation

From classic cornrows to boho fishtail plaits, these braided hairstyles suit every warm weather getaway:

Box Braids

Box braids work beautifully for beach vacations. The neat, square-shaped plaits maintain their structure when wet. Shoulder-length styles let ocean breezes flow through easily. Those with thick hair can try jumbo box braids for fewer, heavier plaits.

Knotless Box Braids

For effortless, romantic braids, knotless box braids are unbeatable. These have a similar look to regular box braids minus the visible knots at the end. That sleek, seamless appearance keeps knotless braids securely fastened for your entire vacation.

Feed-In Braids

Sometimes called “weave braids”, feed-in braids suit all hair lengths. With this style, natural hair gets neatly braided down first before longer extensions get fed through the plaits. That means no grip damage on edges and a flawless look.

Feed-in braids come out easily by just unlooping the extensions when your trip wraps up. For pool and ocean getaways, tie hair tips in a bun to prevent tangling when wet.

Goddess Braids

Channel tropical island vibes with these romantic, wavy plaits. Usually done down the back with hair left out in front, goddess braids frame the face beautifully. Their looser shape and texture mean the braids move freely whether you’re windsurfing or brunching seaside.

Fishtail Braids

Pretty and practical, fishtail braids suit active nature lovers. These plaits grab wayward strands as you move, preventing wild vacation hair. Do one dramatic fishtail or try two braided pigtails. With a messy, boho vibe, they work from hiking trails to happy hour.

Crown Braids

Regal crown braids circling your head exude vacation elegance. Intricate designs like lace crown braids and knotted crown braids up the glamour factor on resort nights out. Or, keep them simple with basic inverted braids. Both protect hair while looking put-together.

Prepping Hair for Vacation Braids

Starting your trip with very clean, conditioned strands helps braided hairstyles for vacation last longer and avoids buildup.

A week before braiding, give hair an intensive pre-conditioning treatment. Oils, masks and moisturizers prep strands for long-lasting plaits.

Two days pre-braiding, shampoo with clarifying shampoo then deep condition hair. Detangle gently with a wide-tooth comb. Let hair air dry fully before braiding to prevent mildew.

When at your destination, cover braids with a silk bonnet for sleeping. Tie up plaits in a loose scrunchie before swimming. Every few days, mist braids lightly with leave-in conditioner or braid spray.

Decorating Braids for Vacation

Add personality to your vacation hair by embellishing braids with beads, shells, ribbons or jewelry.

If braiding at home pre-trip, interweave decorative items as you create plaits. Help them hold by securing with clear elastic bands.

For braids done on vacation, use small metal crimp beads to thread accessories on strategically. Choose a theme like tropical fruits, seashells or vibrant tassels.

Vacation braids let you focus on fun instead of constant styling. With so many chic braided looks to explore, it’s tempting to book an extra getaway just to try them all!