Show Your True Colors with Vibrant Rainbow Braids

Rainbow braids offer the perfect protective hairstyle to show off your colorful personality. By creatively interweaving vibrant dyed hair, you can achieve a fun style that unleashes your inner unicorn. From flashy ombre to more subtle pastel hues, explore how to rock this magical braiding trend.

Key Takeaways

What Are Rainbow Braids?

Rainbow braids refer to box braids, twists, or other braided styles that incorporate brightly colored synthetic, human, or kanekalon hair extensions throughout. Sometimes the client’s natural hair is pre-lightened and dyed as well before installing the rainbow braids.

Unlike single tone braids, rainbow braids intermix various vivid shades like purple, blue, green, orange, red, pink, and yellow to achieve that signature multicolored mermaid look. The dyed hair can be distributed evenly throughout the braids or concentrated more heavily in certain spots to create a fun ombre effect.

Rainbow braids allow you to showcase your colorful personality while protecting your natural tresses underneath. As a versatile protective style, it opens up creative expression through hairstyling.

Key Benefits

  • Protects natural hair from manipulation
  • Fun way to switch up your style
  • Long lasting install for up to 8 weeks
  • Express creativity through color

From all shades of the rainbow to more subtle pastel palettes, here are some gorgeous rainbow braids styles sure to spark inspiration:

Ombre Rainbow Lemonade Braids

  • Concentrates most color mid-length to ends
  • Vibrant yellow and orange hues pop against dark roots
  • Youthful summer style

Rainbow Box Braids with Beads

  • Medium-sized rainbow box braids
  • Decorated throughout with colorful beads
  • Cubic zirconia beads add extra bling

Rainbow Braided Bantu Knots

  • Bantu-knotted rainbow braided hair
  • Shows off beautiful coils doused in color
  • Pairs well with vivid make-up looks

Subtle Rainbow Knotless Braids

  • More subtle mix of pastel rainbow shades
  • Achieves a soft unified look from root to tip
  • For a toned down take on the trend

How to Get Rainbow Braids

Ready to unlock your inner mermaid or unicorn with rainbow braids? Here are the basic steps:


Discuss desired rainbow color palette and placements with your stylist. Also evaluate hair health to determine if pre-lightening is needed.

Pre-Lightening (optional)

Lighten natural hair to pale yellow undertone to allow vivid rainbow shades to pop. Use gentle, bonding lightener.

Hair Extensions

Bulk rainbow hair ordered in chosen palette. Or, custom hand-dye hair in rainbow colors using vivid semi-permanent dye.

Begin Braiding

Start box braiding, knotless braiding, or twisting while evenly incorporating brightly dyed hair pieces throughout.

Style as Desired

Once installed, can choose to wear rainbow braids straight, in updos, knots, cuffs, or coils. Get creative!

Caring for Rainbow Braids

Maintaining that eye-catching color is key with rainbow braids. Follow these pro care tips:

  • Wash 1-2 times weekly with sulfate-free shampoo
  • Allow braids to thoroughly air dry after washing
  • Sleep with a silk bonnet to prevent friction
  • Avoid excessive heat styling to protect bonds

With the right home care, your vivid rainbow braids can last 6-8 weeks before a redo is needed. Handle hair gently and do not aggressively brush or over-manipulate.

For optimal results, see your stylist around the 6 week mark to have the perimeter braids and baby hairs redone. This refreshes the style.

Final Takeaway

Express your colorful personality by embracing the rainbow braids trend. These magical, mermaid-worthy braids intermix creatively dyed hair for a seriously fun protective style. Show your true colors and unlock inner unicorn vibes!

Ombre Rainbow Lemonade BraidsConcentrated color mid-length to ends
Rainbow Box BraidsIncorporate colorful beads for added bling
Rainbow Bantu KnotsShows off beautiful coils in rainbow shades
Subtle Rainbow BraidsSoft pastel rainbow palette